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Christmas is around ... The noble scented cashmere candle is adorned with a screen-printed decoration in black and 9-carat gold with an elaborate and detailed pattern on the hand-blown glass. Noble evenings in the home of your loved ones are embellished even further with the festive candlelight and the warm, Christmassy and exquisite, but at the same time subtle fragrance combination of bergamot, cedarwood and musk.


The Feathers matchbox shows the fresco designed by Yann Legendre, which also adorns the candle collection of the same name. Thanks to the aesthetics of this illustration, this pretty box will fit into any interior.


The result: a wonderfully small, yet very fine gift set. A noble gift that will stay in your memory, which looks just as good at an Advent party with friends as it is as a Christmas present for good business partners or dear friends.


  • A candle, handmade and decorated with 9-carat gold! It could hardly be more classy. But not only the hand-blown glass of the limited edition is seductive, but also the elegant fragrance combination with notes of bergamot, cedarwood and musk let you escape into luxurious (fragrance) worlds. This limited edition of BAOBAB COLLECTION fits perfectly into the Advent and Christmas season with its Christmassy fragrance composition. The enclosed match box becomes a decorative object in its own right and an indispensable accessory for lighting candles of all sizes due to their extra-long matches. We think: Always a suitable gift, especially in Advent and Christmas, perfect for all noble interiors!

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