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In a time when people have less and less time for themselves and for each other, when social media distances and isolates more rather than providing special shared experiences and when relationships with friends and family members, customers and employees are getting more and more impersonal and less intense than they should be, I would like to give my contribution for change. My vision is that relationships are cultivated more actively and more beautiful and meaningful moments are experienced. ow? With gifts.




Gifts? That probably sounds banal. But for me, gifts are more than just quick attentions - or necessities. Because gifting expresses more than we think. And does a lot. It can bring joy - to you and the gift's recipient, regardless of whether it is for the beloved partner, favorite colleague, best friend or long-term, valuable customer. It can comfort or surprise. It can create shared memories of special moments. It can strengthen a relationship. Bring people closer to each other. It can express great appreciation and interest, and it can make you feel welcome. And: A gift can even do good - by giving gifts to those who are not doing so well in life.




With my Club Boutique and my fine gift creations, I have made it my business to enable beautiful gift moments. With products that I carefully select for you and my customers, combinede into valuable gift sets. With gifts that are long-lasting and timeless, often from small family-run manufacturers in Austria and Europe, where they are artfully handcrafted. All of which are made of the finest quality materials and gift wrapped by hand. For companies, I offer an individual gift service and develop gift concepts and ideas for customers, employees and partners - also in the own corporate design.




When you order gifts at MyBridget, you are giving special presents to your loved ones and yourself. At the same time, you are doing something good for others. Because with 5% of the net gift value spent, you support the heartfelt desires of disadvantaged children from the Kindertraum Foundation. And enable very special moments.







With MyBridget, I want to make it easy for you to give and experience special gift moments in a simple, yet personal and tasteful way - and relieve you of the time-consuming search, compilation and wrapping of elegant, special and stylish gifts.


The basis is my always-present passion for high-quality, special products. I love timeless, elegant design, beautiful things in everyday life and at home. The luxury in small and in detail. My vision is to support my customers, to be able to give their loved ones very relaxed and easy and to help put a smile on the face of their loved ones in special moments.


It is great to be able to put together wonderful, timeless and tasteful gift sets for you with my team, with which the recipient will enjoy for a long time and will remember beautiful moments with you.


A really good feeling.


Sincerely, your Bridget

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