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KUSMI TEA - the magic between tradition and modernity! As a meeting point for flavors, cultures and colors, KUSMI TEA has stood for “THE BEAUTY OF BLENDS” for more than 150 years.


The gift set for tea lovers and connoisseurs includes six different tea compositions, each packed in a pretty metal box, including signature blends and historical tea blends such as White Anastasia.


All production and storage facilities are located in France, the raw materials are selected according to the strictest criteria. Whole tea leaves are harvested by hand and imported from production countries such as China, India or Japan. KUSMI TEA stands for exclusive tea taste with exclusive recipes, produced by hand according to technical know-how.


  • The tastefully unique tea blends from KUSMI TEA not only ensure delicious moments of pampering for all tea lovers, but are also a feast for the eyes with their chic metal packaging. I think it's great that centuries-old know-how and exclusive, traditional blends are combined with innovative creations to create unique flavors. The only question left is what is your favorite from our selection?

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