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Small, classy cashmere pampering MYBRIDGET gift set for the smallest of us!


The 100% ultra-soft baby cashmere blanket is made of pure, very soft cashmere from the LORO PIANA YARN Dpt. Carefully hand-made in Italy. This is going to become THE new, daily favorite companion for your newborn or baby!


The noble baby blanket is made of pure cashmere. It can be used on both sides thanks to its unique two-tone motif. What makes them very special, however, is their adorable teddy bear pattern, which gives the baby a very warm hug.



  • Cuddly, cuddly, .... one of my absolute favorites from the baby collection. The teddy bear blanket made of pure cashmere envelops the little one in the most cuddly way and keeps them warm outside as well as in the cot. I think the bear motif is absolutely cute, hearty and yet classy at the same time! Comfortably warm, lovingly wrapped days and nights are guaranteed! Definitely THE new, daily favorite companion for the newborn or baby!

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