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Wonderful gift box from the MYBRIDGET COLLECTION for a stylish and extremely elegant appearance in the office.


With the luxurious and particularly elegant office accessories in crocodile design - all from the noble brand L'OBJET - exclusivity and style awareness are demonstrated. The 24-carat gold-plated jade letter opener appears particularly valuable. The pen holder and a small storage box, both handmade from the particularly fine Limoges porcelain in Portugal and provided with gold-plated elements, together with the set of 4 heavy brass coasters, complement the masculine office crocodile look.


Together with the masculine and at the same time subtle room fragrance from BAOBAB COLLECTION an excellent basis for successful office days!


  • The beautiful office accessories of the "Crocodile" series inspire with their finest materials (African jade, real gold plating, Limoges porcelain) and the high-quality handcraft. Wonderfully elegant and masculine office embellishment for the successful businessman!

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