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Christmas is coming ... and with the deep red, hand-blown glass with a carefully hand-engraved modern, graphic motif, the scented candle Louise from BAOBAB COLLECTION illuminates evenings in your loved one's home with festive candlelight and an attractive scented combination of berries, jasmine and tonka beans.


Combined with the matching accessories of elegant matches, a wick cutter and candle extinguisher - also from BAOBAB COLLECTION - this wonderfully small and yet very fine gift set results in an elegant gift that looks just as good at an Advent party with friends as it is as a Christmas present for good business partners or dear friends.


  • A fragrance full of sensuality and passion that symbolizes the facets of Stendhal's heroine Louise - this limited edition of BAOBAB COLLECTION simply fits wonderfully into the Advent and Christmas season, also due to the Christmas-red, hand-blown glass. The enclosed match box becomes a decorative object in its own right and an indispensable accessory for lighting candles of all sizes due to their extra-long matches. With the candle extinguisher and wick cutter you are giving beautiful decorative objects made of shiny silver metal, with which candles can be extinguished in a very elegant way or wicks can be kept at the ideal length to ensure the best burning performance. Conclusion: Always a suitable gift, especially in Advent and Christmas!

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