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An all-rounder among the classic and timeless gift boxes: an elegant, unobtrusive fragrance from the luxury candle manufacturer BAOBAB COLLECTION with a corresponding BAOBAB room fragrance DIFFUSER. The manufacturer of luxurious room fragrances creates and sells the largest and finest scented candles in the world.


This very delicate and floral fragrance composition of white musk and jasmine exudes special femininity and gentleness. White pearls have been a symbol of purity and love for centuries. The White Pearls candle, which is decorated with a pattern in pale pink and white, is reminiscent of the perfection of pearls, also known as "tears of the gods".


  • Extra-class fragrances for selected rooms! We think - a beautiful fragrance is always possible and enchants every home into a very personal oasis of well-being! The tasteful and stylish candles and room fragrances from BAOBAB COLLECTION are a wonderful furnishing object and play with the light and reflections. The hand-blown glass of the candles and diffusers really enchants every room and exudes subtle, elegant and very pleasant scents. With this classic among the gift sets you will give someone long-lasting pleasure!

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