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Jewels for the set table - oh, how beautiful is that!


The "Carrousel"-salt and pepper shakers from L'OBJET, made by hand from plated nickel, turn every palate into a feast for the eyes. A gift that is sure to delight generations!


Combined with the SAL DE IBIZA lifestyle, the necessary present for weddings or moving into a new home is reinterpreted in a luxurious way - definitely to please the lucky recipients!


  • Customs are something wonderfully traditional, we think. That is why we give away bread and Salt as it has been for decades for weddings as a symbol for a permanent alliance between the married couple or for moving into a House or an apartment to wish for sedentariness, prosperity and fertility. Our variant adds a bit of luxury and style to this traditional gift: with the handmade salt and pepper shakers from L'OBJET - bread and Salt, God preserve it!

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