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  • How do I order a gift set?
    To place a gift set in the shopping cart, select the desired quantity and, if available, the desired color combination of the gift box. Then click the "Add to Cart" button. After the gift set is in the shopping cart, you can complete the order by clicking on your shopping cart and following the instructions in the ordering process. You can find information on the shipping and payment methods offered under "Payment" and "Delivery".
  • My gift set is out of stock. Can I pre-order it?
    If you would like to pre-order a gift set, please email our customer care team at We will let you know when the gift set you want will be available again. We ask for your understanding that there may sometimes be longer subsequent delivery times, since we have some of our products made by hand by small manufacturers and commissioned work is carried out for us.
  • Is it possible to customize a gift set?"
    If you would like to customize a gift set, please contact our customer service at and let us know which products you would like. You will be contacted immediately whether it is possible to put together an individual gift set and will send you the price of the gift set.
  • How are the gift sets packed?
    All our gift sets are packaged in a premium white MyBridget branded magnetic gift box with a grosgrain ribbon and dried flowers. The products in the gift box are wrapped in ivory colored tissue paper and an elegant protective paper and have the MyBridget wax seal. A small, fragrant bouquet of natural, dried flowers completes the beautiful gift packaging. If you have chosen the option of a personal message for the recipient, the gift box will contain the handwritten message with your desired text on an ivory colored card.
  • How can I compose a personal message for the gift recipient?
    At the end of the ordering process you have the option to add a personal message to your gift box. To do this, enter your desired text in the box provided. At MyBridget, we handwrite your message on a high-quality, ivory gift card and include it with your order.
  • How are the gift boxes delivered?
    That's the answer.
  • How can I contact MyBridget?
    Email us at
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