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No espresso can be served more beautifully and nobly! The pattern of the 24-carat gold-plated espresso cups is based on old silk cords. The decorations of the elegant cups, which come from the Corde Collection of the luxury home accessories brand L'OBJET, are hand-painted piece by piece.


The porcelain of this espresso set is known all over the world for its quality and delicacy: the famous Limoges porcelain, made in a few porcelain factories that indulge in this artistic tradition.


Special coffee needs to be served from special cups. We chose JAMILA COFFEE. Surrounded by the Austrian Alps, Jamila Coffee opens up the "heart of coffee". Freshly roasted in Styria, Jamila Coffee has exclusive, high-quality coffee and invites you to discover a new standard of coffee enjoyment. Each 500 g package of the fine blends "Brazialian Gold" and "Café Roma" complete this extraordinary gift set for style-conscious coffee lovers.


  • Top class coffee enjoyment! Finest Limoges porcelain, made by hand and artistically painted with 24 carat gold, paired with the noble cord decoration, makes every single cup of coffee a special experience. Especially when the coffee beans, roasted in Styria, are prepared to make a perfect espresso, the result is a real olfactory pampering for the coffee-loving palate.

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